Musical Instruments in the 21st Century —
Identities, Configurations, Practices

Designtransfer Berlin (Einsteinufer 43, 10587 Berlin), 13.-16. October 2016

Symposium program (pdf)

Exhibition, Concert and International Symposium on Design, Development, and Dissemination of New Musical Instruments.

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Designtransfer Berlin (Einsteinufer 43, 10587 Berlin), 13.-16. October 2016.

Exhibition opening: 13.10., 18h
Guided tours: 14.10., 18h

Welcome to an exhibition of new musical instruments! Works on display are results of student and research team projects developed within the 3DMIN project, e.g. PushPull, Half-closed Loop, SUM0.2 and Organum vivum. A detailed list of the exhibited pieces will follow soon.

  • Thursday, 13.10.2016, 19h–21h
    • Exhibition Opening
    • Live performances with exhibited instruments
      • MikroKontrolleur – Katharina Hauke
      • S/A/S/A – Julius Fischötter
      • Euclidomat with PushPull – Gabriel Treindl, Ruben Layer, Pascal Staudt
      • Loop – Marten Seedorf, Christoph M. Schultz
      • Self-portrait of an absence (participative 1:1 performance) – Graziele Lautenschläger
  • Friday, Saturday, 14., 15.10.
  • Sunday, 16.10.2016
    • Exhibition closing


Designtransfer Berlin (Einsteinufer 43, 10587 Berlin), 14.10.2016, 10h–17h, 15.10.2016, 10h–16h

program (pdf)

The symposium focuses on the many different identities and forms of contemporary musical instruments, as they are recognised from the broad range of involved disciplines, thereby contributing to a better understanding of the conditions of instrumentality in the digital age.

Talks by

Concert evening

Saturday, 15.10.2016, 20h-23h, Georg Neumann Saal

A concert evening with